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The Industry

An air charter broker is an entity that matches prospective air charter customers with air charter operators. For more information we recommend this page of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and their article “NBAA Best Practices for Air Charter Brokering”. There are four major types of air charter brokers described by the NBAA, Jetvolve LLC acts exclusively as “Agent of the Customer”
What’s commonly referred as a “Part 135 Operator” is an Air Carrier licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commuter and on-demand operations under Title 14 “Aeronautics and Space” Part 135 “Operating Requirements: Commuter And On Demand Operations And Rules Governing Persons On Board Such Aircraft”. For more details please visit this page of the FAA. Part 135 Operators are also commonly referred as “Air Charter Operators”

In addition to FAA certification, Part 135 Operators must have transport authority from the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Many people are attracted to membership and jet card programs. However, we encourage you to compare flight-hour costs, required minimum commitments, and membership fees. We are confident that in many cases you will find that working with us is a better alternative that is more cost effective, more flexible and allows for more freedom and no up-front expenses.
These are independent companies offering auditing services for the business aviation and other industries. They have rating programs — based on their auditing processes — for Part 135 Operators and Air Charter Brokers. IS-BAO stands for “International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations” and was created by the “International Business Aviation Council”.
PASS and TripCHEQ are third party tools designed to facilitate performing the due diligence on operators and specific flights, they are based on information filled out by operators themselves. Jetvolve LLC’s approach is to request all information directly from the operators.


Jetvolve LLC is an air charter broker acting as an “Agent of the Customer” and will always work in your best interest. We put our aviation expertise at work in making sure your flight is safe, the booking progress is simple and transparent, and that you enjoy the best customer experience in the industry!
We perform thorough due diligence for any flight we quote. After obtaining safety and historical performance information from operators, we compare it against the most stringent standards in the industry. We will not put our customers in a flight simply because the operators has an IS-BAO , Wyvern or ARGUS rating. Our philosophy is to establish relationships with a network of trusted operators that allows us to bring you unparalleled service.
The most important part of our cancellation policy is that the customer is responsible for any cancellation charges imposed by the operator. Upon a cancellation request we will move as quickly as possible to contact the operator and minimize cancellation charges, while respecting the operator’s cancellation policy.

Jetvolve LLC charges a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the booking fee (not the whole charter price!) if a trip is cancelled with a notice of 72 hours or more from the scheduled departure time or 100% of the booking fee for cancellation within 72 hours of departure. Jetvolve LLC’s cancellation fee is waived if you elect to keep remaining funds — after complying with any operator cancellation charges — with us for future flights.

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You can REQUEST A QUOTE online or give us a call at (888) 568 3909
Your quote will be delivered via our Customer Portal. You will receive an email notification with a link to create and access your account and a PDF copy of the quote attached. Through the Customer Portal you can accept your quote with a click!
The preferred method of payment is wire transfer. At our discretion, we may offer the option of paying by credit card but this would result in an additional charge of 4% of the total quote price. Regardless of form of payment, we require a credit card on file for potential incidental expenses or additional services such as catering, ground transportation, etc.
At your discretion you may elect to make advanced payments for fixed amounts to be kept by Jetvolve LLC for future travel, this expedites the booking process and adds convenience. We will never impose any minimum commitments. If you choose this option your funds will be kept in a separate account — not Jetvolve LLC’s operating account — and be subject to rigorous accounting and oversight.
After payment is received we will move quickly to secure the flight(s) with the operator. Once we receive confirmation from the operator we will let you know!
Absolutely, we would not only assist with any request you may have, we will make sure to take note for your next trip with us!